The CRA Breakfast Club

What is it about?

When you are placed between one issue and another, it's good to know that there are people you can turn to for advice. Scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month, the one-hour meeting provides church leaders with a threefold appeal to unity: purpose, attitude, and action.

Strategic, Prayerful and Operational Outcomes

The Church is uniquely positioned to bring about transformational change in lives and the society. The CRA Breakfast Club offers a relaxed meeting place for church leaders to come together as practitioners to pray, create, and shape a strategic future for their church and the church in Nigeria. 

Sprit-Inspired Rational Thinking

Rational thinking is the platform for all that we do. It allows leaders to remove emotion and subjectivity from their thinking which dependably yields kingdom-value results.


Working together as leaders in God’s vineyard with a united purpose and commitment to share ideas, and resources and to build lasting relationships with each other in the common goal to convert unbelievers, transform believers and society.

Capability Transfer

As leaders listen and share each other’s stories and experiences, they leave with new capabilities inspired in them so they can effectively continue to address new and unforeseen issues long after each meeting. As a result, they become more agile and responsive to other leaders and more importantly, to the leading of the Spirit.

Immediate Results

Every CRA Breakfast is organized to yield immediate, measurable results. Together, leaders identify concrete issues and specific improvements each can expect, and then measure and appropriately concretize the gains they have made in the immediate.

Transforming Church

Being Church in 21st Century Africa

The last couple of decades have brought new gains in influence and respectability to Africa as a center of remarkable Christian engagement. It is hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, not many gave the Christian faith much chance of survival beyond the West...

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