MODULE 3: Church Leadership

Church Leadership thoroughly explores the nature of leadership in the local church. Participants examine “What a Leader Is,”  considering such themes as the essence of leadership, the spirituality of a leader, the leader’s character, authority, and their role as a team-player. They further  investigate “What a Leader Does” under the categories of Shepherd, Leader, Equipper, and as a result, gain a clearer view of what a Christ-like church   leader should do. 

The approach to learning in Church Leadership is unique in many ways. One of the main points of distinction from other similar tools is that it is an ordered approach to learning. The module is made up of twelve issues:

Issues 1 – 6—Essence: What is the nature of Church leadership? A study of what an effective and God-honoring church leader IS.


Issues 7 – 12—Task: What is the nature of Church Leadership? A study of what an effective and God-honoring church leader DOES

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MODULE 4: Church and Mission

Local Congregation as Mission: Church and Mission deals specifically with the task of the Church on earth. It aims to convince local church leaders on   the basis of a detailed study of God’s purposes as      revealed in the Bible that they can and should assume  the primary responsibility for the mission with which   Christ charged his followers: to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. The module facilitates the formulation of a concrete and workable mission strategy for the local church.

The Church and Mission Goals: The Goals of the module are reflected in the following:

  1. Express the Church’s mission in relation to God’s eternal plan and Christ’s redemptive work.
  2. Describe the nature and scope of the local church’s role in mission.
  3. Help local churches formulate a workable mission strategy and take initial steps in implementing it.
  4. Assist individual Christians assess their personal commitment to the mission of the Church and align their lives more fully with it.