MODULE 1: ChurchNext

In today’s fast-changing world, churches are realizing that they must change their methods in order to reach the world with the unchanging message of the Gospel. But the same churches often struggle with how to initiate a process of re-envisioning the ministry of a local congregation. It is the responsibility of the leadership of a local church to see their world from God’s perspective, and then align their lives and ministries in accordance with how God is at work.

The ChurchNext process lays the foundation for change by first seeking to assess the activity of God in the context in which ministry must occur. ChurchNext challenges leaders to review a local church’s biblical mandate and clarify their values in light of the Word of God. Next, leaders are challenged to gain a greater understanding of the nature of the community and the cultural context of ministry.

ChurchNext is a spiritual discovery process that will bring renewal to your church. It offers a step-by-step guide for discovering God’s unique shaping of the life and vision of the church. It also assists in the development of a strategic plan that reflects a module of action that flows out of biblical values and vision. Once a clear, concise statement of vision has been developed, your church leadership then determines the best ministry model and goals that will help you carry out your vision.

Knowing What to Expect In the module of the ChurchNext process, your church will clarify its answers to the following eight ministry shaping questions:

  • Why do we exist as a church?----Biblical Purpose
  • How has God worked in our past?----Ministry Milestone
  • Whom has God called us to reach?----Ministry Focus
  • Who has God shaped us to be?----Core Values
  • Where is God leading us in the future?----Vision
  • Which model best facilitates our vision?----Ministry Model
  • How will we accomplish our vision?----Goals
  • What is our implementation plan for the next three (or more) years?----Mission Plan


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