MODULE 3: Coaching as a Ministry Advantage

Coaches come alongside to help—like the biblical Barnabas. By encouraging and challenging others, today’s Barnabas empowers other people for life and ministry. Usually working in the background and away from the public glare, without him many others would not have been able to accomplish the great things for God that they did. They help someone succeed by coming alongside a person or team to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then cooperating with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become a reality.

The Coaching Process:
Packed full of practical principles and how-to-do-it ideas, this module looks at coaching as a process that consists of five basic phases. We help you strengthen ministry skills by building on the following guiding principles of effective coaching for optimal performance:

  • Relate – Establish coaching relationship and agenda
  • Reflect – Discover and explore key issues
  • Refocus – Determine priorities and action steps
  • Resource – Provide support and empowerment
  • Review – Evaluate, celebrate, and revise plans


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