MODULE 4: Becoming An Equipping Church

The Challenge: Most people walk into the church with a consumer mind-set. We live in a consumer culture where we are used to going to superstores, web sites, and highly specialized vendors who provide us with many choices and services so we can get exactly what we want. Many choose a church by looking for the one that gives them the best “religious goods and services,” since they are consumers of “religious goods and services.” It is hard to move people from a consumer mind-set to a servant lifestyle when so much in their world militates against this transition. Yet, it is exactly this transformation that will provide them with the greatest joy and maturity.   

The Solution
Like a building site well-stocked with quality raw materials, the average local congregation abounds with possibilities—life-changing ministries just waiting to be developed. Becoming an Equipping Church module shows you how. The module provides you with a framework on how to prepare your members to understand their gifts and live out their calling in every area of their lives—church, community, family, marketplace, and mission. It is discipleship that includes both knowledge and action, resulting in group maturity. THE APPROACH    

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