Building Foundations For Faith and Living

MODULE 3: Stepping Into Your Role In Christ's Church

What can I do in the church? How can I serve? Where can my talents best be used for the advancement of the cause of Christ? This third series is about limitless possibilities! It is about leaders and staff equipping and unleashing people to minister in ways consistent with how God designed them. Think of the effectiveness, vitality, and contentment that come when the body of Christ nurtures itself through the healthy give-and-take of each member. Or put differently, what might your church look like if all your members became vital, fully empowered partners in your church ministry? Stepping into your role in Christ’s Church series is designed to help believers understand God’s purpose, mission, and plan for the local church, and how He has uniquely designed each believer to participate fully in His work in the world. 

MODULE 4: Stepping Up As A Witness For Christ

The first three series have shown that being a disciple of Christ involves being called to be with him and to know him, as well as to walk with him. Now, it is reasonable to ask for a broader context for this call. Where does it fit in God’s overall plan? This is the theological context of biblical discipleship that is missing in most discipleship programs. Jesus Christ, in his Great Commission, directs believers on earth to share their faith and to make disciples of other people. Yet for the majority of Christians the idea of sharing their faith is a frightening prospect. With this in mind, this module has been developed to equip the believer to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a very natural way. The module will provide participants with practical tools to be used in sharing the good news about Christ with friends and family in a non-threatening way. The overall aim is to help them develop and begin a lifestyle of sharing their faith. 

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