Pastor Luke Iwunze was born in Nigeria, West Africa. He received Christ as Lord and Saviour at the age of 18. The new-found faith in Jesus was so real that it was almost natural to share it to everybody at his place of work, in the bus and through personal evangelism. Three years later, the Lord called him into a full time ministry as a pastor. From 1980-1991, he planted and pastored eight churches in different parts of Nigeria. He later went to New Zealand in July 1991 for further studies, but discovered that the Lord had other plans for him to be a missionary in New Zealand. He founded the African Christian Fellowship in Auckland and was part of the leadership team at Auckland City Elim Church from 1994-1996.

In 1996 Luke and family moved to Tokoroa to pastor Tokoroa Elim Church. The highlight of their ministry in Tokoroa was the purchase of a multi-purpose building complex that was set up to impact the community for God’s kingdom. His passion for education led to establishing a private school with Christian worldview. After 8 years in Tokoroa, the Lord called him back to Auckland to plant All Nations Christian Centre in 2003.

In 2007, he founded Kingdom Ambassadors Network (KAN), a ministry that aims at restoring the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom. Pastor Iwunze has recently relocated to Melbourne to start Kingdom Impacting Community with a 3Rs mandate: Retraining believers for Kingdom leadership, Restoring the dominion mandate on earth to humankind and Returning the administration of God’s Kingdom on earth to God’s earthly kings (Matt.6:9-10). This will be accomplished by maximizing our true potentials in the discovery of personal purpose in the fulfilment of God’s ultimate purpose for our lives (Acts 26:18, Hosea 4:6). His vision is to train believers to become people who know their destiny, calling, and their promised land – area of society that God prepared for them to personally possess. Pastor Luke Iwunze travels wide and ministers in conferences and seminars. His passion is to turn every follower into a leader.
Pastor Iwunze is married to Caroline and they are blessed with three boys and three girls.



MASS - Mondays Advancement Seminar Series

Acknowledging the Spirit’s power to make all things new is to assume a transformational perspective that sees persons in terms of their potential rather than their problems. It is about recognizing that we are all on a journey of transformation together, “from one degree of glory to another” (2 Cor. 3:18).

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Apostolic Retreat

Apostolic Retreat is an excellent platform for reinforcing leadership skills, brainstorming ideas, solving problems, stimulating teamwork, nurturing a sense of camaraderie, and clarifying and reaffirming your organization's divine and strategic purpose.

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