Apostolic Retreat

Customized Apostolic Team Retreats

CRA highly customized process draws from a vast toolkit of team development exercises, experience, learning methods, observations, examples, planning processes, research, and team/organization development to facilitate powerful and highly productive retreats. Regardless of the size of your church or the type of para-church organization you have, the main issue is that bringing key people together for a corporate retreat is a smart move. This is because it provides an excellent opportunity for strategic planning and the chance to make decisions on what actions you need to take to increase your effectiveness, establish higher levels of discipleship, improve overall commitment, and drive organizational growth. Our Apostolic Retreat is an excellent platform for reinforcing leadership skills, brainstorming ideas, solving problems, stimulating teamwork, nurturing a sense of camaraderie, and clarifying and reaffirming your organization's divine and strategic purpose. The process usually starts with broad, divergent thinking and assessments and then zooms in to ever more specific actions that meet your apostolic team or organization's unique dynamics, goals, and culture.

Why You Should Attend

Apostolic leaders are concerned with serious issues that preoccupy their thoughts. Yet, working the 12- to 14-hour days and not being able to get away to clear their head, many get caught up in the trappings of the office and ministry. Even without a vacation day, corporate executives often find that retreats are prime opportunities to regroup and recharge. While they may loathe leaving the office, those attending effective retreats end up feeling that their time is used wisely because what they lose in time, they end up gaining in contacts or knowledge.  At a more interdenominational level, an apostolic retreat can be an ideal location for candid conversations and for the opportunity to have a peer group leaders can talk to in an intimate, honest way. The key here is to facilitate frank discussions that limit the presence of any “competition” while helping to harmonize a strategic agenda for a united church.

What Apostolic Leaders Get from this Retreat Process

Facilitated directly by our own executive director, an internationally recognized churchman, author and with an authoritative and authentic expertise to reinforce, provoke, instruct, and inspire your team, attending CRA’s Apostolic Retreat will provide the opportunity to get, among many other benefits, the following:

  • A highly energizing retreat tailored to your team and its style, values, and objectives.
  • An “edutaining” retreat leader with the right balance of rich content, appropriate humor, inspiring insights, and practical how-to implementation steps.
  • Powerful team assessments, vital priority setting, and highly effective planning guidance to move your team from inspiration to application.
  • A selection of relevant and useful follow through implementation resources such as best-selling books, how-to workbooks, handouts, audio/video materials, or electronic services.
  • A highly skilled and experienced facilitator with a vast library of concepts and approaches, deep group process knowledge, and even-handed guidance
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